The situation of David de Gea is still the same

The Spanish goalkeeper is not in the best shape, and the club is trying to find a solution for this.
The club is searching for a new goalkeeper who will be able to play in the position of a number 1. The club has already found a solution, but it is a temporary one.

The goalkeeper will be transferred to another club, but he will not be able play in his new club. The transfer fee will be paid to the club that will acquire the goalkeeper.
It is possible that the transfer will be made to Real Madrid, but the club has not yet decided on the price of the transfer.
What is the transfer fee of the goalkeeper?
The transfer fee is the amount that will be charged to the new club for the acquisition of the player. The cost of the acquisition is not the same for every club.
There are many clubs that want to acquire the player, but Real Madrid has the highest cost. The price of 1 million euros is the most expensive.
This is the reason why the club will not pay the transfer cost.
Who is the club interested in acquiring the goalkeeper and how much will it cost?
Real Madrid is interested in the acquisition. The goalkeeper is a key player for the team, and it is also important for the club to have a new player in the goalkeeping position.
Real has already managed to get a number of players for the position, but this is not enough. The team needs to strengthen the position further.
In addition, the goalkeeper has a contract with the club, and this contract will expire in 2020. The contract is not a long one, but if the club does not manage to get the goalkeeper in the next season, then the contract will be canceled.
If the contract is canceled, then Real Madrid will have to pay the cost of acquiring the player in order to keep him.
How long will the contract be?
It depends on the club. If the contract of the new goalkeeper is canceled in the future, then it will cost the club a lot of money.
However, if the contract lasts for a long time, then this will not affect the club’s results. The new goalkeeper will become a key person in the team.
At the same time, the club can also get a new number 1, but they will have a lot to do before the new season starts.
Will the goalkeeper be able make the team’ success?
This depends on how the club wants to use the goalkeeper during the season.
For example, if Real Madrid wants to make the club successful, then they need to use him in the number 1 position. If they do not have this position, then there will be a chance for the goalkeeper to make himself useful to the team in other positions.
All this depends on what the club thinks of the contract. If it is canceled and the new contract is signed, then everything will be fine, but in this case the cost will be high.
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Where can you learn more information about the club?
You will find all the necessary information here. The information is updated in real time, so you will always be aware of the latest news.
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Latest results of the matches of your favorite team
The fans of the Spanish La Liga are waiting for the start of the next championship, and they want to see the results of all the matches that will take place during the next year.
Of course, the team of ​​Madrid will be the main favorite of the championship, but there are other clubs that are also very important for them.
Among the main favorites of the upcoming season are:
* Barcelona;
* Atletico;
* ​​Valencia.
These clubs are all ready to fight for the title of the best team in Spain.
Barcelona is the team that has the most victories in the Spanish championship. The Catalans have won the title for the second time in a row, and their fans are very happy.
They are also happy that Lionel Messi has become the best player of the national team. He has scored a lot more than the other players, and he has become one of the main stars of the Catalan team.
Barça is the main contender for the champion title. The Catalan club has a good lineup, and many of its players are ready to play at the highest level.
Valencia is another team that is very important to the Catalans. The players of the Royal Club are very motivated, and there is no doubt that the team will be one of their main competitors.
Learn the results from the matches
The results of matches are important for all the fans of football, and for this reason, it has become much easier for them to follow their favorite teams.

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