Why Ronaldo will not try and leave Real Madrid this summer?

The Portuguese is one of the main stars of the Old Royal Club, and he has been one of its main players for a long time. However, the player is not the only one who can play at the highest level.

Real Madrid has a long list of potential candidates, but the club has decided to keep Cristiano Ronaldo. This decision is not surprising, because the player has a contract with the club for another year.
It is worth noting that the player’s contract is not a guarantee that he will stay at the club, because he can leave at any time.
Will Ronaldo leave Real?
This summer, the club will have to make a difficult decision. The club has a number of stars who can become the main players of the team, but they have not yet been signed.
The main problem of the club is that it does not have a long bench. This fact can be a problem for the club in the long run, because it is difficult to find the right players for the bench.
However, the Portuguese player is one who is able to solve this problem. He is able not only to play in the starting lineup, but also to become a key player of the attack.
This is a great opportunity for the player, because there are a lot of clubs that are interested in signing him.
Real fans can expect to see a lot more from Ronaldo this season. The player is a key part of the lineup, and it is clear that the club wants to strengthen the position.
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Main transfers of the summer
The summer transfer window has come to an end, and the main transfers of this season have been completed. The main transfers are:
* Jovic;
* Sane;
* Modric.
All of these players are able to strengthen Real Madrid, and they will help the club to win the title.
Jovic is a player who is capable of playing in the middle of the field. He has a good combination of speed and technique, and this allows him to score goals.
In addition, the Serbian player has already scored a lot, so the club can count on his services for a very long time, because this season he has already managed to score 12 goals. The most important of these goals are the ones that he scored in the Champions League.
As for Modric, the transfer of the player from Juventus is a good one. The transfer of this player will allow Real to strengthen its position in the standings.
What to expect from the next season?
The next season of the Champions league will be very interesting for the fans of the Spanish club. The team has a lot to improve, and if it does this, it will be able not to lose points in the tournament.
One of the most important tasks of the new season will be to finish in the top 4 of the La Liga standings. This is a very important position, because in the next year, the team will have a lot chances to win it.
If Real Madrid is able, it can win the Champions cup, and then it will have the opportunity to win a lot in the future.
Another important goal of the next La Liga season is to win at the European cups. This will be possible if the team manages to finish the tournament in the first position. In this case, it is possible to win all the major tournaments of the year. It will be an excellent chance for the team to show its skills in the international arena.
There is no doubt that the team of Zinedine Zidane will be one of them. The Frenchman has been the coach of the Madrid club for a number years, and his team has already won the Champions Cup.
Do not forget that the new coach of Real Madrid will be the same Zidani, who has managed to win La Liga for the first time in his career.
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Who will be in the best shape of the season?
The season of La Liga has already ended, and many teams have already lost points. This does not mean that they will not win the championship, but it is very difficult to be in top 4.
Of course, the main goal of many teams is to finish at the first place, but this is not always possible.
For example, the teams of Barcelona and Real Madrid have already finished in the second and third positions, respectively. This means that they have a good chance to finish higher, but not to win gold medals.
At the same time, the clubs of Atletico and Valencia have already managed not to finish lower than third, but to win silver medals. This shows that the teams have a great potential, but in the current season they have lost points in a number tournaments.
That is why it is extremely difficult to finish as high as possible in the championship.

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