Xavi: Barca has made a bad decision to sell Rakitic to Sevilla, he is one of their best players

The Spanish champions are in the middle of a busy transfer campaign, and it is now clear that the club will not be able to keep the following players:
* Rakitic;
* Modric;
• Modric’s agent.
The player who was considered one of the main stars of the previous season, was sold to a team that is not able to compete for the title.

The transfer of Rakitic was a real disaster for the club, as the player was not able even to play in the Champions League.
However, the situation is not so serious, as Sevilla has a good squad and can easily replace the player.
In the summer, the club bought:
· Pablo Sarabia;
· Sergio Regilona;
● Diego Alves.
These players have already played in the team, and the club is confident that they will be able not only to compete in the domestic arena, but also in the international arena.
Rakitic’ transfer was a big mistake, but the club has already paid a high price for it.
Will the club be able pay for its mistakes in the future?
The club has a long list of potential transfers, but it is not going to be easy to replace the losses of the past season.
It is now very difficult to assess the level of the team in the current season, as it is very difficult for the team to play with the same level for a long time.
This is why it is important to monitor the results of the club’ transfers, as soon as possible.
Main transfer news of the season
The main transfer news in the summer of the Spanish championship was the acquisition of Rakic.
After the departure of Diego Costa, the team was in a better shape, as well as the transfer of the player who is considered one the main leaders of the squad.
As a result of the transfer, the level in the club increased, and this is why the team is now able to play at the highest level.
There is still a long way to go, as we have not seen such a high level of a team for a very long time, and we are not going back to the previous level. However, the results are positive, as they are the first steps in the right direction.
All the latest news about the Spanish football
The season in Spain is in full swing, and there is a lot of interesting events that can affect the results.
One of the most interesting transfers in the Spanish Championship is the one of Rakitçic. The player was one of Barcelona’ main stars, and his transfer was an obvious mistake.
He was not the main star of the Catalans, but he was able to show his class in the field, and he was a good choice for the new club.
Barcelona has a number of options for the transfer. Among them, the most obvious is the acquisition by the club of the young player from Real Madrid.
Of course, this is not the best option, but this is the reality of the situation.
Another option is the sale of the star player, but there is no certainty that the player will leave the club. The club has to pay a high cost for such a mistake, and now it is clear that it is going to cost a lot.
At the moment, the transfer is not a good decision, but at the same time it is the best choice for Barcelona.
What are the main transfer rumors in the world of Spanish football?
In summer, there were a lot rumors about the transfer in the Catalonian club. One of the rumors is the transfer to Valencia.
Valencia is one the teams that are in a good shape, and they are able to replace Rakitic.
Moreover, the player is not in the best shape, so it is obvious that the transfer will not solve the problem.
Also, the Valencia team has a lot to offer, and if the club chooses to make a transfer, it is possible that the team will be in a position to compete with the main teams of the country.
If the player leaves the club for Valencia, it will be a big loss for the Catalonians, but they will have to pay for this mistake. The cost of the mistake will be high, but now the club needs to make the right decision.
Who will replace Rakic in Barcelona?
Barca has a large number of players who can replace Rakoric in the starting lineup.
Among them, we can highlight:
1. Sergio Busquets;
2. Diego Costa;
3. Sergio Ramos;
4. Lionel Messi.
Each of these players can be replaced, and Barcelona will have a good lineup. However it is necessary to make sure that the players who will be replaced are able not to cause problems for the main team.
Now, the players are in good shape and are able, together with the club leaders, to achieve a good result.
A good result is very important for the fans, as Barcelona is a team with a lot potential.
Livescore today of the best Spanish teams
The current season in the La Liga is very interesting, and a lot can change in the next few rounds.

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