Will Messi really leave Barcelona?

The final match of the season of the Spanish La Liga saw the Catalan club struggle to find a solution to its crisis. The team had to play without Messi, who was injured. The Argentine was the leader of the team, but his absence was felt by the entire team.
However, the Catalans were not the only team that was affected by the crisis. Real Madrid, Atletico, Atiba Hutchinson and Valencia also had problems.
The crisis was so serious that the team had a lot of problems with the score at the end of the match. The main problem was the failure of the defense.
It was clear that the players had not been able to solve the problem of the ball in the middle of the field. The Catalans had a clear advantage in the final match, but they were unable to demonstrate their best game.

The situation in the team was so bad that many experts and experts in football believe that the situation in Real Madrid is even more serious. The situation in Barcelona is more complicated, because the team has a good coach and a good lineup.
But the situation is so bad in the Spanish championship that many people believe that Messi will leave the club.
Will Messi leave Barcelona or not?
The Argentinean player has already said that he will not stay at Barcelona. In fact, the player has said that the club is not ready to offer him a new contract.
Messi has already left the club for the first time. He had already left Barcelona for the second time in his career. He left the team in 2007, but this time he left the place of the best player of the club, โ€‹โ€‹who was Lionel Messi.
In the summer of 2007, Messi left the Camp Nou for the French team Lyon. The player was able to show his best game in the French championship.
After leaving the team of Messi, the club was in a serious crisis. It was clear to many experts that the crisis was not going to end soon.
Fans and experts are already talking about the departure of Messi. Many experts believe that this is the last chance for the Argentinean to leave the team. It is also clear that if the player does not find a new club, he will leave Barcelona.
Why is Messi leaving the club?
Many experts believe, that the player is leaving the Campana to get a new place in the history of the football world.
Many fans also believe that he wants to play in the Champions League. Messi has already won the Champions Cup once, so he has a lot to show.
There are many reasons for the player to leave Barcelona, but the most important are:
1. The financial situation of the Catalan team. The club is in a very difficult situation. The players have to pay a large amount of money to the club to stay in the club and to keep their places in the squad.
2. The poor results of the players.
3. The problems of the coach.
4. The bad relationship with Messi. Messi is a very important figure for the club because he is the main player of Barcelona. The Catalan club needs him.
5. The fact that the Argentine player is a free agent.
6. The lack of motivation of the player.
7. The desire to play for a new team. Messi wants to leave his current club. He wants to go to the new team that will give him a chance to show himself.
8. The unwillingness of the Barcelona club to pay him a good salary.
9. The need to be in shape for the new season.
10. The pressure of the Champions league.
11. The failure of Real Madrid.
12. The personal problems of Messi and the problems with his family.
All these reasons are enough to convince fans and experts that Messi is leaving Barcelona. It seems that the Argentinian player is ready to leave a club that is in such a bad situation.
Who will replace Messi?
Messis departure will not solve the problems of Real, because Messi is the best scorer of the Royal club. The problem is that the Royal team does not have a good striker.
Also, the Royal players are not very motivated. They are not able to play at their best level.
Real Madrid has a great striker, who is Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player is already the best striker of the Old Royal club and he is not going anywhere.
Cristiano Ronaldo is a good player, but he is also a very good goalscorer. The Real Madrid team is not a good team, because it does not play well.
This is why many experts believe it will be very difficult for Real Madrid to win the Champions cup.
What will happen to the Royal lineup?
In order to find out what will happen with the Royal line-up, it is necessary to look at the current situation of Real. The Royal club has a very bad season. The fans and the experts are very unhappy with the team because of the following reasons:
ยท failure of Cristiano;
ยท failure of Ronaldo;
ยท failure of Ramos;
ยท failure to get into the Champions club.
In addition, the team is also not very good at the international arena.
At the moment, the players of Real are not in the best shape.

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