Zidane is going to sign a new contract with Real Madrid…isn’t he?

The French coach has already signed a new deal with the club, but it is still not known exactly when the new contract will be signed.
It is clear that the new deal will last for at least the next season, as Zidane wants to win the Champions League and the Spanish Cup.
The Madrid club is also in the Champions league zone, and the team has already won the tournament twice.
However, the new season of the tournament is very important for the team, as it will determine the place in the European zone.

The team will play in the group stage, and it will be very difficult for the club to win all the matches.
In the first matches, the team managed to win only one of them.
This is why the team will have to be especially careful in the remaining matches.
Will Zidanes squad be able to win everything in the matches?
The coach has a good squad, but the main problem of the team is the lack of motivation.
Many of the players are not in the best shape, and this is one of the reasons why the club has not won the Champions cup for several years.
Zidanes team is very strong, and they have a lot of players who can help the coach to win gold medals.
But the main thing is to win in the tournament, so the team needs to play in a good mood.
Who will be the main favorites of the upcoming matches?
It will be extremely difficult for Zidano to win a gold medal, as the team of the Frenchman has a lot more experience.
Moreover, the main rival of the Madrid club in the future is Barcelona, and many of the leaders of the Catalans are leaving the team.
Real Madrid is the main contender for the champion title, but Barcelona has a better squad and is more motivated.
Of course, it is possible that Zidanos team will lose points in the upcoming games, but this is a result of the poor selection of the squad, as well as the lackadaisical attitude of the Catalan players.
Will the team be able not to lose points, or will it be able win all matches? You can always follow the results of the matches on the website of sports statistics.
All livescore football results on one platform
The season 2019/2020 has already ended, and now it is time to look at the livescore results of football matches. The season was not very successful for the Catalan team, and its main competitors were Real and Atletico.
At the start of the season, the Catalonians were the only team that managed to qualify for the Champions Cup. However, the following season the team lost the first place to Barcelona.
Now, the club is in a very difficult position, but now it has a chance to turn the situation around.
You can always find the livescores football results of all matches on our website. Here, you will find the results not only of the main matches, but also of other confrontations.
What are the main problems of the club?
In general, the situation of the Barcelona team is not very good. The club has a long list of problems, and among them are the following:
1. Lack of motivation of the members of the roster. Many of them are not at their best, and their performance in the club matches is not the best.
2. Inaccurate selection of players. Many players are leaving for the main clubs, and others are not playing in the team regularly.
3. Lackadaisically used tactics. The team does not always follow its own game plan, and sometimes it is not even aware of the opponent’s game plan.
4. Unsuccessful transfers. The main transfer of the last season was the signing of Messi. However the player is not at his best, so it is difficult to judge the results.
5. Lacklustre form of the coach.
These are the reasons for which the club does not have a good chance of winning the Champions title. However we can always count on the fact that the club will be able in the near future to win at least one trophy.
How to follow the livescan football results?
Now it is much easier to follow football livescans results. All the results are available on the sports statistics website.
There are several reasons why it is important to follow livescoring football results. First of all, the fans of the sport are becoming increasingly demanding.
Secondly, the results can be very important in the long run. If the team manages to win many trophies, it will become much easier for it to win more and more gold medals and the Champions trophy. It is also important to note that the team can win the European cups in the next year.
Livescoring results of matches are available in the website, which is a great help to follow all the results and to learn the development of events in the field.
Which team will be in the leading position in the La Liga table in the new year?
This season, Barcelona has been in a difficult situation. The Catalonias main competitors are Real and Manchester City.
Barcelona has a number of advantages that can help it to fight for the title.
1st. Good selection of team.

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