Why did Griezmann left Atletico Madrid?

The summer transfer window has come to an end and it is now time to assess the performances of the main candidates for the new champion title. The previous season, the Atletico players were very effective, but they were not able to repeat the victory.
The team’s main rivals for the title were Barcelona and Real Madrid. The latter has already won the Champions League twice, so it is obvious that it will not stop at the domestic arena.
At the same time, the Catalans are not in the best shape. The team”s results in the domestic championship have been rather poor. In the last season, they lost to Real in the Champions Cup final. This time, they are not going to lose to the team of Messi and Ronaldo.

The main question is whether the Catalonians will be able to defend their title in the long run. The answer to this question is not so easy, because the team has a number of problems.
1. Lack of motivation. The players are not ready to play at the highest level. This is the main reason why they are losing points in the international arena. The Catalonian team is not the most talented, but it is able to score goals.
2. Lackadaisical playing style. The club does not have a good coach. The main problem is that the team does not play in the right way. The coach does not make the necessary changes in the game.
3. Lack in motivation of the players. The leaders are tired of playing for their team, and they do not want to leave the team.
4. Lack on the quality of the opponents. The teams of Barcelona and Madrid are stronger than Atletico.
All these factors are negatively affecting the team“s chances of winning the champion title this season.
Who will win the title this year?
The previous season was very successful for Barcelona. The Catalan team won the champion’ title for the second time in a row. This year, it is quite possible that it can repeat the feat.
However, the main question now is who will win it. The answers to this are not so simple.
First of all, the team needs to improve its results in order to be able not to lose points in both the domestic and international arenas. The current season is the result of the fact that the players are tired and are not able fully to play in a team. This fact is also reflected in the results of the team, as it lost to Juventus in the Super Cup.
In the long term, it can be said that the Catalons will not be able repeat the triumph of the previous season. The reasons for this are the following:
1). Lackadaisión of the leaders. Messi and Suarez are already over 30, and the team is losing points at the right time.
2). The team is too weak. It is not able, even if it is in the top-4, to fight for the champion trophy.
3). The club”ll needs to strengthen its lineup.
It is clear that the current season will be very difficult for the Catalonian team. The competitors of the Catalones are not weaker than the team itself.
Will the Catalan team be able win the champion this year or not?
It will be extremely difficult for Barcelona to repeat its triumph this year. The following factors will make the team unsuccessful:
* Lack of experience of the current leaders;
* Unstable playing style;
* Lack of desire of the club leaders to win the trophy.
It can be confidently said that this season will not go well for the team and it will lose points.
What are the main contenders for the victory?
Barcelona is the most likely team to win this year’ s champion title, because it has a good lineup and a good selection of players.
Among the main competitors of Barcelona, the following teams can be mentioned:
· “Real”;
· “Atletico”.
Both teams are not as strong as Barcelona, but their lineup is better. The results of “real” are not very good, but the team still has a chance to win. The first place in the standings is very important for the club, because this is the place where the club can make the most profit.
“atletico’ is not as good as the previous year, but its lineup is also better. It has a lot of talented players, who can be called the main favorites of the championship.
Now, it’ll be very interesting to see who will be the main favorite of the tournament. It should be noted that the main competitor of the “red” is “Madrid”, but this time the team will be much stronger.
How will the game of the teams change in the new season?
In order to answer this question, it will be necessary to analyze the game in detail. The new season of the Spanish championship will be really interesting, because there are a lot more matches and a lot greater number of participants.
This means that the teams will have to play against each other, which will be a real test of their skills.

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