Pochettino rejects Real Madrid’s offer!

The summer transfer window has come to an end, and the main transfer news of the season has been the arrival of several high-profile players from the Premier League and the Champions League.
However, it is still not known whether the new arrivals will be able to help the club in the long run.
In the summer, Real Madrid had several offers for the club, but the club rejected all of them. The main reason for this is the desire to sign a new head coach.
Now, the club has chosen the appointment of Julen Lopetegui, who has already managed to get a good result in the Spanish championship.
The new coach will have to work with the players in the next season, and it is clear that they will not be able not to improve their position.

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All the latest news from La Liga
The season of the Spanish League has come and gone, and now it is time to look at the results.
This year, Real is in the lead of the standings, and has already won the first two matches.
After that, the Meringues started to lose points. This is what the club needs, as it is now in the middle of the table.
At the moment, the team is in third place, but it is not enough for a place in the Champions league zone.
Despite the fact that the team has a good chance of getting into the top-4, it will be extremely difficult to get into the playoffs.
It is still too early to say whether the team will be in the top 4, but there is no doubt that it will not enter the Champions tournament.
Follow the results and the livescore of the games of Real, as the team still has a chance to get out of the middle-table.
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Latest livescore results of La Liga matches
The start of the new season of La liga was not very successful for the Merseses.
Real Madrid was the first to leave the first half of the tournament, and then the team of Julien Faubert was kicked out of La fc.
Of course, the start of La Real was not the best, but this is not the only reason for the failure of the team.
There are also the problems with the selection of players.
For example, the lack of a good goalkeeper was another problem.
Moreover, the selection was not optimal, as many players were not in the right positions.
If you look at La fcfc, you will see that the problem is not limited to the Makers.
Many teams have problems with their selection, as a result of which they are kicked out.
La Real has a long way to go, but they have already managed a good start.
They will have a good opportunity to improve the situation in the second half of this season.
How the team finished the season of Real
The team of Lopetegeuis has a very good chance to finish in the first position of the championship. However, it should not forget about the Champions cup.
Another problem of the Mertesacker’s team is the lack in the number of goals.
Thanks to the livescores, you have the opportunity to follow the progress of the game of the club and its rivals.
Here, you also have the chance to learn about the progress and results of other teams.
As a result, it has become much easier to follow La Real’ s results. It is enough to visit the website to be aware of the latest information.
New season for the team
The Meringue’ team is not in a good shape, as there are still some problems with selection.
One of the main problems is the selection. Many players are not in their best form.
Among the main ones are:
1. Poor form of the goalkeeper.
2. Lack of a number of players in attack.
3. The lack of goalscoring.
4. Poor teamwork.
5. Bad results in the matches with other teams, as this is another reason for failure in La Real.
To sum up, the season for La Real is not going well, but at the same time, the coach has a great opportunity to get the best result.
Do not forget that the Mererge’ have a long road ahead, and there is still time to improve.
Get the latest La Real results
The first half has been quite successful for La Meringuer, but now it’ll be much more difficult to improve its position in the standings.
That’ is why it”s important to improve your position in La fcc.
Therefore, the new coach has to do his best to improve his team’ position.

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