Onto the Premier League!

The start of the new season of the English Premier League is already a success, but it is still not known how the teams will fight for the title. The teams are not only the main contenders for the gold medals, but also for the coveted places in the Champions League zone.
At the moment, the main question is: “Who will be the main candidate for the champion title?”
The answer to this question is not so easy, because the teams are very diverse. There is no doubt that the main contender for the championship is Manchester City. However, the team is not the only one.
The Premier League table
The new season has already shown that the Premier league table is not stable. The main contenders are:
• Liverpool;
• Manchester United;
· Chelsea;
● Arsenal.
It is not surprising, because in the previous season the teams were quite unstable. The previous season, the gap between the teams was 2 points.
However, in the current season the gap is more than 3 points. The reason for this is the following:
1. The level of the teams has increased.
2. The number of matches played.
3. Individual skills of the players.
If you look at the Premier table, you will see that the gap has increased significantly. It is obvious that the teams from the top of the standings will fight until the last match for the victory.

The main contenders of the champion titles
The season of English Premier league has already ended, and the main candidates for the winner title are: Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea.
Of course, the teams of the top four are the main favorites of the championship, but there are also other teams that can be considered as the main competitors of the main teams.
In the current campaign, the following teams have a chance to win the champion’s title:
* Leicester;
* Tottenham;
* West Ham;
* Chelsea.
In order to understand the level of competition, it is necessary to know the current position of the clubs in the Premier standings.
Current position of clubs in Premier League
The current position in the standings of the Premier is quite unstable, because this season the clubs are quite close to each other. The current position is:
● Manchester City;
● Liverpool;
● Chelsea; and
● Arsenal. It is worth noting that the current positions of the leaders are quite unstable and can change at any moment.
One of the most important factors of instability of the current Premier League position is the fact that the clubs have not played each other for a long time. In the previous seasons, the clubs played for several months.
This is why the current level of Premier League matches is quite high.
Teams’ chances of winning the champion’s title
The teams’ main competitors are: Leicester, Tottenham, and West Ham. The last season, these clubs were quite close in the league table. However the gap in the championship was very small.
Now, the situation is quite different. The gap between these teams is now more than 5 points. It means that the leaders of the table are quite far apart. The following teams can be the competitors of Leicester:
· Manchester United, Liverpool; and
· Chelsea. However these teams are quite weak and can not compete with the leaders.
Tottenham is also a competitor of Leicester, because it is a new team that is not in the best shape. However it is not a real contender for winning the title, because its main competitors include:
Manchester United; and Liverpool.
Arsenal is also not a serious contender for victory, because of the fact it is in the middle of the pack of the league standings. However this season, it has been quite successful, because they have already won the champion trophy.
Main advantages of the team’ s performance
The team has a good chance of winning not only one of the championships, but several. This is especially true for the Premier, because there are only a few matches left.
Among the advantages of Tottenham’’ team, it should be mentioned the following ones:
a. Good teamwork.
b. Great individual skills of its players. This is reflected in the fact, that they are able to make a successful use of the opportunities given by the matches.
c. Excellent preparation.
d. Long bench.
All these factors allow the team to be able to play not only against the leaders, but against the weaker teams. This can be done not only in the matches against the top teams, but even against the teams that are in the lower positions of Premier league.
Moreover, the Spurs have a long bench, which allows them to make substitutions at any time. This allows the team not to waste energy on the matches with the top-4, and they can focus on the championship.
How to follow the latest news from the world of football?
The English Premier is one of those championships that are always interesting. The fans of the game expect the best from their favorite teams. However they also expect the teams to be at the top in the tournament table.

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