What It Takes To Be An Article Writer

Do you ever wonder what it takes to become an article writer? Many good writers steer clear of article writing, thinking that it is dull and boring. In reality, writing columns for websites brings a wonderful and exciting experience to writers.


Article writerThe passion to write is what can help you produce your best piece. If you love writing entries for your personal diary or journal, then the writing world must be the place where you belong. Most writers are once very fond of writing journal entries before becoming published writers. Allow your passion for writing to grow by learning more about the field.


Are you ready to write? Write a few articles, maybe 5 or less, and have your family and friends check them. Ask them to disregard your relationship for a while and rate your article objectively. Allow them to go through every detail of each article so as to help you see what you need to improve. This is one way to determine your strengths and weaknesses in writing.

Your friends and family may go a little overboard on praising your first masterpiece. As an aspiring article writer, ask them to be frank and honest with you no matter how harsh it may sound to you. Bear in mind that once you’re out there, critics are more ruthless and unkind. Listen to everything they say and take note of some points that you need to work on.

Do Your Research

A good writer is a good researcher. Practice your skills in researching by reading tons of articles and essays online. Search about particular subjects that you are interested in and try to write something about them. Researching can take so much time, but it can help a lot to improve an article. It can add more information and spice up your write-ups.

Write Nonstop

Keep on writing. Look around you and see if you can write something interesting about the things you can see. Better yet, start a blog where you can constantly write random articles about your life. Nonetheless, keep in mind that in writing a personal blog, you should maintain a certain degree of privacy. You need to draw a line between the things you want the world to see in your personal life and the things that you want to keep in private.

An online article writer or a blogger can write about different niches such as fashion, food, photography, travel, and motherhood. To give you more ideas, you may write about random things that happen to you every day such as follows:

1. A misadventure on your way to work
2. A conflict with your boss (but don’t mention names)
3. Your baby’s “firsts” (first step, first word, first party, etc.)
4. A wonderful night with a special someone.

When you keep on writing, you are also giving yourself a chance to find your “voice”. Just like in cooking, writers can have specialties. Once you discover your niche, you are already a step ahead in your writing career.


Writing for fun is good, but turning your passion into a career is so much better. When you work on what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. Every day will be like an adventure that you will feel excited about.

There are many sites online that can help you start your writing career. Sure there are scams, but don’t allow those to discourage you. Keep looking for legit sites for writing online until you find one that can pay you for doing what you love. It may take time to become an excellent article writer, so start honing your writing skills now.