The Web Designers’ Guide to SEO

Web design and website development is an all-important aspect of your brand’s internet marketing strategy. What many business owners don’t realize is that their image no longer depends on the physical structure of your building or the look of your brick and mortar store anymore. These days, part of your company’s image also has a lot to do with how your website looks and what it contains.

A website that is beautifully designed with valuable content will do much for a brand’s image as much as the physical look of your company.

There are many principles and guidelines that website designers use in order to create an aesthetically pleasing website coupled with functionality. The website should also be able to clearly communicate your brand and your message to its target audience. Conjuring warmth and personality from a virtual site requires a lot of skill and talent. This is not an easy task. At, we help businesses create a terrific website that is valuable and functional. Most of all, we design our websites with the goal of converting site visitors into actual paying customers. Our main goal is to create a beautiful website that could benefit the company in a tangible way. has considerable experience in the industry.

Is having a great-looking website just enough? How can web developers design a great-looking website that is also SEO friendly? Is it possible to strike that balance?

To answer the previous questions, we must first drive home the importance of SEO. Having an SEO friendly website is important because search engines should be able to analyze its pages and it should have a high page ranking in page results. So to answer the previous questions, no – a great-looking website is definitely not enough. And yes, it is possible for web developers to strike a balance and develop a great-looking and SEO friendly website.seo friendly website

Here are some practices that website developers such as consider in developing websites:
1. Site Structure

In order for the site structure to be SEO friendly, the design should make it easy to scan and index the website pages. If the website is not properly designed, it blocks search engines from effectively scanning your pages.

A sound site structure should include universal and page specific navigation. It should include pathways that allow the users to smoothly enter and exit web pages. The page and section titles should be consistent for each and every page, and this includes the heading and subheadings as well.

The page layout also plays an important role. A page layout should be hierarchical. This means that the content and images should be arranged by order of importance on the page. The eye of the visitor should be able to land on the most important part of the website in the first few seconds of contact. The site structure should be easy to navigate and user-friendly.

Search engine crawlers will be able to determine if a site is not structured logically, so ensure that your website is set up based on the guidelines presented. There should be no rogue web page without links. All pages on your site should be seamlessly connected and should flow functionally and efficiently.

2. Meta Description

Another important aspect of a web design is its Meta description. It is important because it provides search engine users a short description of what your website is all about. The Meta description is usually 160 characters or less, and it should be concise but eye-catching enough to get the readers’ attention.

Some website users rely heavily on Meta descriptions rather than the title of the web page.

The Meta description should be enticing enough, but it shouldn’t give everything away because you want your visit to click further and actually visit your site. Choosing the right keyword is important for Meta descriptions, and web crawlers actually utilize the searchers’ keywords in the Meta description.

3. HTML headings

web developmentHTML headings are the main text headings such as the page title, and the sub headers in descending order of importance.

HTML headings are very important because they identify why the content is there and it also gives information on how content relates to each other. Site visitors often check the relevance of content and decide whether it is valuable for them based on HTML headings.

Aside from web development, also offer other services such as search engine optimization, ecommerce, social media optimization, hosting and server management, reputation management, web analytics, and content writing. offers a comprehensive and integrated internet marketing plan. Since we consider all aspects of the process, it is all-encompassing. This guarantees a successful internet marketing plan for your brand.

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