Advantages of Oversized Golf Grips

Normally, golf clubs all come with standard-sized golf grips. However, there’s one problem with that – golfers don’t have the same hand sizes, which is only to be expected. And that’s where oversized golf club grips come in as an alternative option.

They are perfect for golfers who have large hands and shaky golf club grips. Typically, the standard size for oversized grips is increased from 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch more than standard-sized ones. It doesn’t seem that much though. However, the golfer can tell the difference upon using the golf club. The measurement difference is similar to that of a pencil or the handle of a broomstick. Nowadays, golfers have the option to increase their golf club grips in a cost-effective and convenient way.

Oversized golf club grips will not work for every golfer. However, there are three ways in which larger grips can help golfers in putting greens, as well as in playing on tee boxes and fairways:

They help remove discomfort. If a golfer is suffering from joint pains, any kind of arthritis or weak hand grips, he will have a hard time doing the proper way of gripping the club. With the help of a larger grip, the golfer will experience improved comfort while holding the grip. In addition, larger golf club grips are known to be good shock absorbers. Thus, stinging the wrists, hands or fingers during mishits could be prevented.

For other golfers, nerves can also be included under the discomfort category. The “shaking of wrists” while holding the club is due to nervous tension. Smaller grips allow those nerve-induced sudden movements to travel up to the putter head, which in turn could cause golfers to mishit their putt. Larger grips shake off the effects of nerves and thus, help golfers to maintain focus as they try to make a much steadier stroke or swing.

Jason Dufner, winner of the PGA 2013 Championship, is among the best examples of a golfer who had a drastic improvement in his game after making the switch to a larger golf grip. Since using the famous SuperStroke jumbo golf club grip, he was able to earn over $5,000,000 in the PGA Tour.

Larger golf grips offer more control on the club and on hitting the ball. In addition, they provide more control over the ball. If golfers have a thinner grip, they sometimes tend to squeeze out the club which always results to a mishit. Meanwhile, tighter grips shift the accuracy of the hit and it will also alter the club’s swing path. Having a much more comfortable and looser grip dramatically increases the odds of striking the ball at a more squared impact. Others say that improved golf club grips will also add distance and power to every shot and will let golfers do more natural swings.

Golf gripsA better grip that fits in the golfer’s hands upon holding the club will help lessen his tendency to exert increased pressure while gripping. Typically, golfers attempt to put additional grip pressure for a more secured hold on the golf club. For golfers who have larger hands, an oversized golf grip size is perfect, especially in achieving that much-needed feel to gain more ball control with less grip pressure.

They greatly affect the flight path of the ball. There’s no denying that a golf ball’s flight path can be greatly affected by the golfer’s ability to do the proper way of gripping the club. Tighter grips, as mentioned earlier, will not only shift the accuracy, but will also provide direction to where the ball is traveling. Shaky grips will cause golfers to hit with changes in the ball trajectory. These could result to nasty slices or hooks and even straight up shots in the air.

Left-to-right ball flight and snap hooks are primarily caused by overactive hands during golf swings. Oversized golf grips can correct that problem. They can make it hard for the hands of the golfers to flip during impact. The goal of stopping those hooks is to make smooth strokes much more doable. Like ball control, thicker grips allow golfers to swing like golfers, not like baseball players.

Another good thing about switching to oversized golf grips is that they’re not expensive even though other golf equipments usually are. Typically, the price of most oversized golf club grips range from $5 to $30 depending on brand. Remember to be smart in buying these oversized grips. Visit a store that sells sporting equipment and try to feel the large grip to see if flight path, ball control, and level of comfort could be improved.

After all, what’s important is that the golfer ends up having clubs that feel good in his hands because these give him the much needed confidence to improve his game – and ultimately, to ensure triumph.