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The Web Designers’ Guide to SEO

Web design and website development is an all-important aspect of your brand’s internet marketing strategy. What many business owners don’t realize is that their image no longer depends on the physical structure of your building or the look of your brick and mortar store anymore. These days, part of your company’s image also has a lot to do with how your website looks and what it contains.

A website that is beautifully designed with valuable content will do much for a brand’s image as much as the physical look of your company.

There are many principles and guidelines that website designers use in order to create an aesthetically pleasing website coupled with functionality. The website should also be able to clearly communicate your brand and your message to its target audience. Conjuring warmth and personality from a virtual site requires a lot of skill and talent. This is not an easy task. At, we help businesses create a terrific website that is valuable and functional. Most of all, we design our websites with the goal of converting site visitors into actual paying customers. Our main goal is to create a beautiful website that could benefit the company in a tangible way. has considerable experience in the industry.

Is having a great-looking website just enough? How can web developers design a great-looking website that is also SEO friendly? Is it possible to strike that balance?

To answer the previous questions, we must first drive home the importance of SEO. Having an SEO friendly website is important because search engines should be able to analyze its pages and it should have a high page ranking in page results. So to answer the previous questions, no – a great-looking website is definitely not enough. And yes, it is possible for web developers to strike a balance and develop a great-looking and SEO friendly website.seo friendly website

Here are some practices that website developers such as consider in developing websites:
1. Site Structure

In order for the site structure to be SEO friendly, the design should make it easy to scan and index the website pages. If the website is not properly designed, it blocks search engines from effectively scanning your pages.

A sound site structure should include universal and page specific navigation. It should include pathways that allow the users to smoothly enter and exit web pages. The page and section titles should be consistent for each and every page, and this includes the heading and subheadings as well.

The page layout also plays an important role. A page layout should be hierarchical. This means that the content and images should be arranged by order of importance on the page. The eye of the visitor should be able to land on the most important part of the website in the first few seconds of contact. The site structure should be easy to navigate and user-friendly.

Search engine crawlers will be able to determine if a site is not structured logically, so ensure that your website is set up based on the guidelines presented. There should be no rogue web page without links. All pages on your site should be seamlessly connected and should flow functionally and efficiently.

2. Meta Description

Another important aspect of a web design is its Meta description. It is important because it provides search engine users a short description of what your website is all about. The Meta description is usually 160 characters or less, and it should be concise but eye-catching enough to get the readers’ attention.

Some website users rely heavily on Meta descriptions rather than the title of the web page.

The Meta description should be enticing enough, but it shouldn’t give everything away because you want your visit to click further and actually visit your site. Choosing the right keyword is important for Meta descriptions, and web crawlers actually utilize the searchers’ keywords in the Meta description.

3. HTML headings

web developmentHTML headings are the main text headings such as the page title, and the sub headers in descending order of importance.

HTML headings are very important because they identify why the content is there and it also gives information on how content relates to each other. Site visitors often check the relevance of content and decide whether it is valuable for them based on HTML headings.

Aside from web development, also offer other services such as search engine optimization, ecommerce, social media optimization, hosting and server management, reputation management, web analytics, and content writing. offers a comprehensive and integrated internet marketing plan. Since we consider all aspects of the process, it is all-encompassing. This guarantees a successful internet marketing plan for your brand.

Common Uses For Portable Storage Containers

The large portable storage containers are usually refurbished shipping containers that were removed from the list of containers used in a company. Despite their retired statuses in shipping, they became useful for specific clients with its offered features. Containers can now be found in various businesses and personal use as the following new spaces:

Portable offices

Some businesses require special on-site spaces for ad-hoc projects. Although renting an office for short-term is a good solution, but some sites like construction sites don’t have nearby offices for rent. A portable container becomes the next best solution for these companies.

Containers look like regular rooms, which can be transformed into an office whenever staff will be dispatched to a different site. Containers come in various sizes, allowing it to house several people and equipment. In some countries, local offices also set up an outdoor office to help people process their documents. Encoding will be done in the office while people wait outdoors. Every company and organizations requiring an additional office without building it from scratch will find these containers beneficial.

Warehouse storage solution

storage-containerSetting up containers as a portable warehouse has been one of their main functions for years. Their top quality construction and protective features make it possible for companies to store their commercial problems without worries, particularly if they’re non-perishable goods. Companies in the fashion, retail, construction and manufacturing industry utilized these storage solutions for their own warehouse need. This saves them more money than renting out a third-party company’s warehouse.

Companies love portable storage containers as warehouses because they can easily transform them into shopping stall immediately. With items stored inside them, companies can simply ask their staff to open the storage and sell the products, particularly on sites targeted for promotions.

Agricultural use

Agriculture-centric businesses love portable containers as storage for livestock feeds and fertilizers. Being located in farms, they deal with issues like rats, pests and extreme environmental conditions that damage feeds’ quality or completely putting them to waste. Portable containers are waterproof storage solutions constructed from corrugated steel. Hence, pests and rats can’t damage the material and get access to the stored items. Even if the containers have vents for ventilation, they have their own covers made from durable materials, ensuring the same animals can’t get into the container.

Resting stations for employees

Several companies use portable storage containers as rest stations for employees, particularly if they are on-site employees. They can relax inside the container during their breaks and chat with their co-workers. Companies design these containers to have several beds or mats for sleeping and other essentials that make workers more comfortable after working on site.


More than being resting stations, countless companies have used portable storage containers as housing solution for on-site employees like in the construction industry. They want to make sure their employees cut down their travel time while giving them a good shack to sleep in for long-distanced construction project. Having this shack is considered cheaper for companies who need to house several people instead of renting them their own houses.

Highly protected file and record storage

Many of company files require utmost protection because the data is vital for their operations and clients. They protect these files by keeping them in portable containers, which are waterproof and made from heavy-duty steel. Some containers may also have improved feature with fireproof surfaces that boost protection. They also come with special locking technology for better security.

Without a doubt, portable storage containers have more uses than being a regular storage space. It provides better security and easily transforms into a work or rest area. Companies with additional space needs will certainly find these containers worth considering for their future investments.

Portable storage containers offer containers with high secure lock box to protect your goods, merchandise, furniture, equipment and almost everything you may want to store.Visit for more idea.

What It Takes To Be An Article Writer

Do you ever wonder what it takes to become an article writer? Many good writers steer clear of article writing, thinking that it is dull and boring. In reality, writing columns for websites brings a wonderful and exciting experience to writers.


Article writerThe passion to write is what can help you produce your best piece. If you love writing entries for your personal diary or journal, then the writing world must be the place where you belong. Most writers are once very fond of writing journal entries before becoming published writers. Allow your passion for writing to grow by learning more about the field.


Are you ready to write? Write a few articles, maybe 5 or less, and have your family and friends check them. Ask them to disregard your relationship for a while and rate your article objectively. Allow them to go through every detail of each article so as to help you see what you need to improve. This is one way to determine your strengths and weaknesses in writing.

Your friends and family may go a little overboard on praising your first masterpiece. As an aspiring article writer, ask them to be frank and honest with you no matter how harsh it may sound to you. Bear in mind that once you’re out there, critics are more ruthless and unkind. Listen to everything they say and take note of some points that you need to work on.

Do Your Research

A good writer is a good researcher. Practice your skills in researching by reading tons of articles and essays online. Search about particular subjects that you are interested in and try to write something about them. Researching can take so much time, but it can help a lot to improve an article. It can add more information and spice up your write-ups.

Write Nonstop

Keep on writing. Look around you and see if you can write something interesting about the things you can see. Better yet, start a blog where you can constantly write random articles about your life. Nonetheless, keep in mind that in writing a personal blog, you should maintain a certain degree of privacy. You need to draw a line between the things you want the world to see in your personal life and the things that you want to keep in private.

An online article writer or a blogger can write about different niches such as fashion, food, photography, travel, and motherhood. To give you more ideas, you may write about random things that happen to you every day such as follows:

1. A misadventure on your way to work
2. A conflict with your boss (but don’t mention names)
3. Your baby’s “firsts” (first step, first word, first party, etc.)
4. A wonderful night with a special someone.

When you keep on writing, you are also giving yourself a chance to find your “voice”. Just like in cooking, writers can have specialties. Once you discover your niche, you are already a step ahead in your writing career.


Writing for fun is good, but turning your passion into a career is so much better. When you work on what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. Every day will be like an adventure that you will feel excited about.

There are many sites online that can help you start your writing career. Sure there are scams, but don’t allow those to discourage you. Keep looking for legit sites for writing online until you find one that can pay you for doing what you love. It may take time to become an excellent article writer, so start honing your writing skills now.

Your Long Island Real Estate Will Make You Experience Urban and Country Living

Urban elites living in their Long Island real estate feel that the place is their sanctuary that will keep them safe from harm and it is home to various communities of different cultural backgrounds that live in harmony and utter bliss.  People love their surroundings that they consider natural wonders.

There are water activities like fishing and boating that Long Islanders enjoy.  There are parks where people simply love to take a stroll.  The golf courses are fantastic and there are other recreational facilities that create healthy balance of country and urban living.  Owning a Long Island real estate is simply a great opportunity to have a one of a kind experience.

Important Facts to Nourish Your Mind

Long Island was once considered a center for aviation and it has diversified its locality with the establishment of many new industries like scientific research and engineering as well as new technologies.  They have been able to blend each addition without sacrificing the country feel within their community.

Long Island has two counties namely Nassau (West side) and Suffolk (East side).  Nassau County is closer to New York City and most people who frequently go to New York City find it very convenient and practical to own a Long Island real estate in that area.

Real EstateThe North Shore area has a series of old-fashioned villages and rural communities. Its close proximity and infrastructure of outstanding form enable people commuting to Manhattan (or further) experience nothing but ease and convenience. It is also home to various agricultural industries including stables and farms.

The South Shore cradles some of the finest beaches with a coastline of nearly 120 miles.  The South Shore is a boater’s paradise and if you are someone who loves boating, you will surely appreciate the things that the South Shore offers.

Suffolk County offers contrasting rural, residential, and industrial landscapes.  The area is famous for its vivacious industrial district. An industrial park in Suffolk County has more than 1,300 companies that employ a total of 55,000 employees.  It is also home to many facilities that conduct technology and scientific research.

Living in a Long Island real estate is a worthwhile experience that you will not dare trade for anything else.  You will appreciate the multi-faceted lifestyle that also offers a chance for self-exploration.  Long Island has its own distinct style that offers a wide array of choices from internationally-acclaimed stores to eccentric vintage shops.

Reap the many benefits of the eco-friendly practices in Long Island like turning homes into sustainable spaces without sacrificing aesthetic presentation.  Eco-friendly gardens are also encouraged as well as outdoor areas.

Anywhere you look at it, you will surely get more out of a Long Island real estate and it is good to know that investing in one is truly worth it.

Long Island real estate is a great opportunity to have a one of a kind experience.

Advantages of Oversized Golf Grips

Normally, golf clubs all come with standard-sized golf grips. However, there’s one problem with that – golfers don’t have the same hand sizes, which is only to be expected. And that’s where oversized golf club grips come in as an alternative option.

They are perfect for golfers who have large hands and shaky golf club grips. Typically, the standard size for oversized grips is increased from 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch more than standard-sized ones. It doesn’t seem that much though. However, the golfer can tell the difference upon using the golf club. The measurement difference is similar to that of a pencil or the handle of a broomstick. Nowadays, golfers have the option to increase their golf club grips in a cost-effective and convenient way.

Oversized golf club grips will not work for every golfer. However, there are three ways in which larger grips can help golfers in putting greens, as well as in playing on tee boxes and fairways:

They help remove discomfort. If a golfer is suffering from joint pains, any kind of arthritis or weak hand grips, he will have a hard time doing the proper way of gripping the club. With the help of a larger grip, the golfer will experience improved comfort while holding the grip. In addition, larger golf club grips are known to be good shock absorbers. Thus, stinging the wrists, hands or fingers during mishits could be prevented.

For other golfers, nerves can also be included under the discomfort category. The “shaking of wrists” while holding the club is due to nervous tension. Smaller grips allow those nerve-induced sudden movements to travel up to the putter head, which in turn could cause golfers to mishit their putt. Larger grips shake off the effects of nerves and thus, help golfers to maintain focus as they try to make a much steadier stroke or swing.

Jason Dufner, winner of the PGA 2013 Championship, is among the best examples of a golfer who had a drastic improvement in his game after making the switch to a larger golf grip. Since using the famous SuperStroke jumbo golf club grip, he was able to earn over $5,000,000 in the PGA Tour.

Larger golf grips offer more control on the club and on hitting the ball. In addition, they provide more control over the ball. If golfers have a thinner grip, they sometimes tend to squeeze out the club which always results to a mishit. Meanwhile, tighter grips shift the accuracy of the hit and it will also alter the club’s swing path. Having a much more comfortable and looser grip dramatically increases the odds of striking the ball at a more squared impact. Others say that improved golf club grips will also add distance and power to every shot and will let golfers do more natural swings.

Golf gripsA better grip that fits in the golfer’s hands upon holding the club will help lessen his tendency to exert increased pressure while gripping. Typically, golfers attempt to put additional grip pressure for a more secured hold on the golf club. For golfers who have larger hands, an oversized golf grip size is perfect, especially in achieving that much-needed feel to gain more ball control with less grip pressure.

They greatly affect the flight path of the ball. There’s no denying that a golf ball’s flight path can be greatly affected by the golfer’s ability to do the proper way of gripping the club. Tighter grips, as mentioned earlier, will not only shift the accuracy, but will also provide direction to where the ball is traveling. Shaky grips will cause golfers to hit with changes in the ball trajectory. These could result to nasty slices or hooks and even straight up shots in the air.

Left-to-right ball flight and snap hooks are primarily caused by overactive hands during golf swings. Oversized golf grips can correct that problem. They can make it hard for the hands of the golfers to flip during impact. The goal of stopping those hooks is to make smooth strokes much more doable. Like ball control, thicker grips allow golfers to swing like golfers, not like baseball players.

Another good thing about switching to oversized golf grips is that they’re not expensive even though other golf equipments usually are. Typically, the price of most oversized golf club grips range from $5 to $30 depending on brand. Remember to be smart in buying these oversized grips. Visit a store that sells sporting equipment and try to feel the large grip to see if flight path, ball control, and level of comfort could be improved.

After all, what’s important is that the golfer ends up having clubs that feel good in his hands because these give him the much needed confidence to improve his game – and ultimately, to ensure triumph.

Assembling Printed Circuit Boards

Contrary to popular belief, printed circuit boards can actually be assembled by anyone, even those with low engineering and technical skills. PCBs can be customized and assembled depending on the purpose it is intended for.

Printed circuit boards are generally used as main components of appliances, gadgets and other technological innovations that function using electrical circuit. Printed circuit boards are made from non conductive materials such as fiberglass and plastic to create the thin and flexible base while the electrical components and links are usually made from copper. The PCB connects all the parts of an appliance or gadget to make it function as a whole. It provides a circuit of path for the electricity to flow from one part to another.

PCBs can be made and customized as long as a circuit design is ready and the materials are available. To start assembling printed circuit boards, the first step is to choose what method to use. This is usually based on the available materials and one’s technical skills and knowledge about PCBs, engineering and electricity.

Printed circuit boardsSome of the popular methods in making PCBs are UV etching method, acid etching method, routing method and laser etching method. The acid etching method requires extreme safety measures and advances technical skill in handling equipments and materials. Nonetheless, it is preferred in making simple circuit boards.

The UV etching method requires expensive equipments in assembling the PCB. But, it uses very simple steps and requires less safety measure and technical skill. Aside from that, the output is of good quality.

The routing method uses certain machines in making the circuit boards. But it is preferred in producing large numbers of PCBs. Like the routing method, the laser etching method is also used by PCB manufacturing companies. Instead of a machine, laser is used to etch the circuit boards.

After choosing the assembly method, the next step is designing the circuit layout of the PCB. This step is made easier by using special softwares and programs that can transform circuit diagrams into PCB layouts.

Then, gather all the needed materials and equipments for assembling the PCB. Next, design PCB layout onto the copper coated board which will serve as the circuit board’s base. This step, however, is only applicable to the UV etching method and acid etching method.

After printing the PCB layout, start etching the details on the board. Etching removes unnecessary copper parts and forms the holes and parts that are needed in linking wires together.

Using a drilling machine, drill the mount points of the PCB. In mass production, a special drilling machine is used. However, in making simple PCBs, a drilling tool found at home can be used.

Once the drills are made, the next step is to start mounting and soldering the components and other parts of the PCB. The last step is to check if the PCB works.

When assembling PCBs at home, it is important to use good quality materials and equipments. As much as possible, take the time to practice to improve in assembling PCBs. Learn different assembly techniques and use good quality equipments in able to produce good quality circuit boards.

However, if one wants to save time and effort, circuit boards can be bought or ordered in bulks from PCB making companies. Several companies specialize in manufacturing PCBs according to the specifications of the customers. Company ordered printed circuit boards are of higher quality compared to homemade ones since it’s made with high quality materials and state of the art equipments. Aside from that, commercially sold circuit boards are also affordable and cost effective.

Is Your Softball Trading Pins Worth a Ton of Cash?

Sports related pins have been around since the 1800s.  Some of the earliest pins are mad of color coded cardboard from the 1896 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. These pins were badges used to distinguish who among the participants are Athletes, who are officials, and who are judges. In the 1912 Summer Olympics Games held in Stockholm, Sweden, organizers and promoters first introduced ornate metallic pins which were sold and worn by spectators, thus starting the collectability of sports pins.  The pins from these two Olympic Games are most probably a couple of the most valuable pins for sports trading pins collectors out there due to their relative age and significance in history.

Olympic Game pinsThe pins introduced in the 1952 Summer Olympic Games held in Helsinki, Finland also hold great value for trading pin collectors since that was time when over 218 different designs were introduced.  It sparked a craze during that time for collectors and Olympics fans alike since it was the first time that a number of variations were made available.  For some collectors, they had to have all the designs so that Summer Olympic Games started activities wherein fans started buying and trading pins with each other.

The 1984 Summer Olympics Games held in Los Angeles, California also was a significant date for Trading pin collectors since a whopping 1300 designs were introduced.  Fans and spectators clamored to get as many designs as they can.  In fact, the demand for the pins started side events wherein pin trading occurred.   However, this controversy also marred this event for pin traders since many counterfeiters and bootleggers took advantage of the demand for Olympics Sports Trading Pins.  Authentic pins from this period hold high value for collectors out there.

Olympic Game pins1The beverage company Coca Cola also got into the game of pin trading and collecting when they first introduced a pin trading center in the 1988 Summer Olympics Games held in Calgary, Canada.  This is a significant event for collectors since the Coca Cola Company is known for producing some of the most desirable and collectible sports and non-sports related memorabilia due to their brands iconic brand presence and classic Americana designs.

The 1996 Summer Olympics held in Atlanta, Georgia was quite significant for Softball Trading Pin Collectors since it was the year that the event for Softball was first debuted in the global Olympic Games.

Amusement companies such as the Disney Theme Parks and Six Flags also produced their own collectible trading pins, and have opened their own pin trading centers in their respective theme parks. This was a significant development in trading pin collecting since these parks, Disney in particular have produced some of the most iconic, valuable and highly desirable trading pins on the planet.

Softball trading pins on the other hand became popular due to the popularity of the sport around the different states of the US, whether it is a local amateur league, a national collegiate league or even on a national pro league.

Due to the relative ease and low cost in the production of softball trading pins, most teams whether they are pro, collegiate or even a local amateur league team, opt to produce pins as team member badges, promotional items, sales merchandise or even tokens to be traded with other teams as in the case of amateur softball leagues.

Now we go back to the question posted on the beginning of the article, is your softball trading pin worth money?  The answer is subjective, since the value of the pin depends on the demand and popularity of the brand it carries.  However, one should keep in mind that some softball trading pins are produced in low quantities especially in the case of amateur league teams. Softball trading pin collectors who have to have everything may put a premium on pins from this smaller lesser known teams and leagues.

Probably the best answer to the question would be this, the value of your softball trading pin may not be much now, but who knows, it might become valuable in the future.